WS2: The Labyrinth Game with Logosofia

Workshop Introduction

This game is based on identifying requirements for escaping the Labyrinth of implementing authentic and inclusive deliberative democracy. The players respond to a Triggering Question asking them to identify requirements for designing an escape. By employing the Logosofia platform of Structured Dialogic Design (SDD), the participants at the conference will experience an example of a simulation for discovering a strategy for escape, by constructing a map displaying the systemic linkages among a set of twelve requirements, as proposed by the two authors.

Alexander “Alecos” Christakis, Ph.D.

21st. Century Agoras, Greece & USA

Dr. Christakis is a Greek American theoretical physicist turned social scientist, systems scientist and cyberneticist, former faculty member of several Universities, organizational consultant, and co-founder of the Club of Rome, known for his “study and design of social systems.” He has developed and applied the methodology of Structured Dialogic Design (SDD) world-wide for the definition and resolutions of wicked problems and for peace-building.

Jeff Diedrich, M.A.

21st. Century Agoras & Michigan Department of Education, USA

Jeff is an educator based in the state of Michigan, United States who had the good fortune to mentor under Dr. Christakis for several years where he developed a deep understanding of and appreciation for the process of Structured Dialogic Design (SDD). Jeff has facilitated co-labs routinely in Michigan and internationally, provided training on SDD, and led efforts to create the next generation of software (Logosofia) to support the process.