Professional Panel

Navigating and Surviving our VUCA World using Agile

Chair: Theofanis Giotis

We live in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) world where Leaders and Managers need to be Agile and have the right leadership skills to cope with today’s VUCA environment. The VUCA acronym describes the new normal as a state of instability at the edge of chaos.
Organizations in order to understand and survive in this VUCA world are transforming from the old serial and predictive (plan-driven) approaches to more agile approaches that deliver value quickly in short cycles and help organizations move towards enterprise agility.
Enterprise agility is broadly applicable (not just IT), is more dynamic and stable and requires new ways of working (WoW). This enables organizations to move faster, to be more adaptable and to increase productivity with reduced costs.
Disciplined Agile’s principles, promises, guidelines, Primary and Supporting Roles and phases enable organizations to choose their best Way of Working (WoW) using various DA life cycles (Agile, Continuous Delivery Agile, Lean, Continuous Delivery Lean, Exploratory and Program).
In this way organizations can implement successfully their strategic objective through a portfolio management framework by optimizing the management of portfolio components, especially programs and projects.

Professional Panel Speakers

Theofanis Giotis


CEO of 12PM Consulting, Leader of ScrumAlliance Greece (2014-now), President of PMI GREECE (2004-2014) & (2020-2021), Vice President of PMI GREECE (2017-2020)

Theofanis Giotis has been managing projects in the EMEA region since 1987. He is a senior project manager, international speaker, coach, instructor, consultant, author, trainer and entrepreneur. He is CEO of ITEC-CONSULTING (12PM Consulting) since 1988, past president of the PMI Greece Chapter (2004-2014) and BoD member of the PMI Greece Chapter (2017-2020). He is teaching project, programme and portfolio management at the postgraduate level at four Universities.

Dr. Panos Chatzipanos

Ph.D., M.Phil., D.WRE., Dr. Eur Ing.

President of ECONTECH SA, President of PMI Greece Chapter (2014-2020) and President of ASCE Hellenic Section, President of Green Athens

Dr. Panos Chatzipanos (B.Eng., M. Phil, Ph.D., C.Eng., D.WRE, RPP) is a resourceful and diverse revenue producer with considerable engineering knowledge, large construction experience and substantial managerial competencies that span more than 35 years in the construction industry, over 15 at the executive level. As a senior consultant at the World Bank and at the European Commission, he currently provides his expertise on transformational change, on strategic portfolio management and on the management of large infrastructure projects, globally. He is a principal of PMO Advisory, Inc., New Jersey, USA. He is the Editor and Co-author of a book published by PMI in 2017 on the Implementation of Portfolio Management and the Co-author of 5 PMI Standards (2014-2019). Founding member of the American Academy of Water Resources Engineers, a D.WRE, and a Fellow of ASCE. President of PMI Greece-Chapter and President of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), Hellenic Section.