Scientific Events

The Scientific Events

The Scientific Events of the Conference will include Keynote Speakers, Professional Panels, a Round Table and Workshops on scientific areas of the Conference.

Keynote addresses

Keynote addresses will be delivered by distinguished academicians and professionals of international reputation with extensive academic and professional contributions, who will underline the core theme of the Conference.


Professional Panels

The Professional Panels are comprised of industry leaders of impeccable national and international reputation. The aim of the Professional Panels is to draw on the panel member’s demonstrated experience and to provide the framework through which the Conference’s core theme can be articulated into practical applications which will add value to existing organizational processes and functions.


Professional Round Table

The aim of the round table is to create a moderated dynamic forum for a lively discussion on the issues associated with the core theme of the Conference relating to new and existing applications in the field of “stakeholder management” and the exchange of ideas and opinions relative to current trends and developments in the field.


Workshops in a Specific Area

The Workshops will present innovative tools for Systemic Entrepreneurship including software packages for structure modelling, discreet event simulations, and process modeler. Each Workshop’s objectives are to introduce Conference participants to state-of-the-art tools and Methodologies, and to provide instruction relative to tool selection and basic tool capabilities and features.