WS4: Prospective imagination: art-science to bring about an Economía AMABLE

Workshop Introduction

The delicate challenges humanity navigates demand a profound cultural innovation. Expanding consciousness of the intricate interdependence within the wider complex system our species participates in is essential. Advancing in that direction will foster comprehension, compassion and love in an increasing number of individuals, which in turn will facilitate legal, financial, economic and political worldwide reconfigurations building the collective capacities to provide conditions for a fully sustainable world. That would bring about a creative, innovative, learning society, along with an Economía AMABLE, an economy kind to people and to nature. Note that the Spanish word “amable” comes from the Latin amabilitas, which means conducive to love. In other words: an economy built on feminine values. This workshop’s design is inspired by the Banathy Conversations: presentations, sharing and gathering of insights promoting a “we” experience while exploring key components of an Economía AMABLE, including a short reference to the notion of levels of reality and perception by Basarab Nicolescu, and some features of “El mundo de NAVIS UTOPIA” (The World of NAVIS UTOPIA”): an installation presenting a scenario in which the most delicate challenges humanity faces today don’t exist anymore. It describes a thriving society in which a joyful vitality on the individual level and a joyful longevity on the collective level are in place along with an inclusive life-sustaining Economía AMABLE. Being very similar to the world we live in, it is very different from it (since the key systemic drivers are different). It shows that a desirable world is within reach by acknowledging and cultivating those seeds through a learning-tuning process that would bring about more promising realities: so it is thought as a tool to promote comprehension and transformation. A piece of poetry will nurture us as well in this journey, enriching our perspectives from another angle.

M/s Silvia Zweifel

Economía AMABLE, Argentina and ISSS

An innovative thinker and mentor. Articulates art and science to develop an inclusive life-sustaining Economía AMABLE, an endeavor embraced after working in business and risk management in the banking industry for almost two decades. Graduate studies in economy (Universidad Nacional del Nordeste); postgraduate studies in non for profit organizations management (Universidad de San Andrés and Universidad Torcuato Di Tella); Diplomat in complex pedagogy (Multiversidad Mundo Real/Edgar Morin); Systems thinking at GESI under the mentorship of Prof. Charles François. Narrative thinking and acting at Casa de Letras under the guidance of Ana María Bovo. Most who inspired her search and research are systems scientists/thinkers: Charles François, Fritjof Capra, Basarab Nicolescu, Edgar Morin, Humberto Maturana among others; Psychologists such as Abraham Maslow, Carl Gustav Jung, Robert Johnson; Ruth Benedict (anthropologist), Ana María Bovo (oral narrative) and Juan Carlos Gambarota (nature conservancy); novelists and other artists: Isabel Allende, Gabriel García Márquez, Mario Vargas Llosa, Daniel Quinn, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Gustav Klimt; also spiritual scriptures such as the Mahabharata and Kashmir .