WS17: Organicity: the “COSMOPOLIS” Project, for Individual and Collective Growth, using Systemic Pythagorean and Christian Methodologies

Workshop Abstract

The idea of ORGANICITY offers a complete paradigm shift in our ways of organizing and guiding the advancement of humanity, both on an individual and a collective level.
· Put simply it states that a person must reach a higher level of self-awareness, by the attunement and utilization of their components, in order to fulfill their purpose. By analogy, all human collective Organizations (families, cities, nations and by extension humanity, as the wider Collective Organization) should follow the same organizing principles as an individual organism, constituting a kind of superorganism.
· The goal of this workshop is to flesh out the idea of Organicity implemented on the case study of the Cosmopolis Organicity Movement, by applying systemic methodologies, originating from Pythagorean and Christian tradition.

Kyriakos Kokkinos

Lawyer by the Supreme Court, Greece

Kyriakos Kokkinos is a Lawyer by the Supreme Court and the Council of State, specializing in criminal, commercial and civil law, based in Athens. He is a graduate member of the CSAP Postgraduate Program (University of Piraeus and Hellenic Society for Systemic Studies), Certified Coach (University of Athens and Association for Coaching), International Negotiator (United Nations Institute For Training and Research), Adult Trainer (University of Athens), Rescuer and Crisis Manager (Hellenic General Secretariat for Civil Protection – Program Protect Myself and Others and Rescue Training International), Specialist in Safety, specializing in Naval Operations as CSO / SSO (Germanischer Llloyd and Lloyd’s Maritime Academy), Chairman of the COSMOPOLIS Organicity Movement, and for years Vice-President of the Association of Greek Navy SEALS, having served in the Greek Special Forces as a Paratrooper and Navy Seal.
His career and life trajectory have awakened a passion for volunteering, while also providing a fertile ground for the conception and development of the idea of Organicity and the goal of the unification and fulfillment of all beings.