WS15: Let’s think creatively, using pictures

Workshop Abstract

One of the reasons I love project management, is because I can watch the behavior of other people while doing their tasks or cooperating with each other. I don’t not consider myself only as a plate spinner or ball juggler, it’s not only that; the scope of the project should be accomplished under specific time, cost and quality constraints, however this is not a reason to make people feel bad – you need to respect them and understand their limits. Based on qualities explores in ‘The Via institute on Character’ and neuro-science, we’ll use pictures to explore our creativity depth and find solutions on issues under consideration.
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Marilena Koliavasili

Project Manager (PMP)®, MS.c. M.Eng.

Marilena Koliavasili has been working as a project manager for over 15 years, has been involved in education as an instructor and holds two masters degrees. In parallel, she is currently searching about everyday aesthetics in business and life and focuses on creativity issues. More info about bio, here;