WS10: Systemic Entrepreneur for Small Units

Workshop Abstract

This workshop will be based on companies that consist of until 10 people. (88% of Greek companies have from 1 to 10 people, which contribute significantly to the productivity and the economy of the country. The administrative structures of large companies are different. We will consider that a machine with 12 gears is metaphorically like a company having 12 areas of operation and belonging to the category of companies that have until ten employees. The entrepreneur of this company ought to deal with the areas of operation himself, for example the designing of the business plan, since he does not actually have an expert to do it. Before I start highlighting the areas of operation I would like to refer that for aspects like accounting, computerization, engineering, advertising, economics, law and market research, entrepreneurs should cooperate with an expert. Some ideas and experiences will be presented, combined with theory, which will be short and applicable, without engaging in abstract paths. Operation areas of a small business that will be developed: 1. Business strategy, 2. Business plan, 3. Product /service, 4. Pricing, 5. Communications in entrepreneurship, 6. Sales / Negotiations, 7. Public relations of companies, 8. Customer service and complaint handling, 9. Business money management, 10. Business management with the method of objectives, 11. Human Resource Management, 12. Business organization of entrepreneur and executives. At the end we will mention 16 critical points for business efficiency.

Prokopis Fousas

Business of Success SA, Greece.

Prokopis Fousas did his postgraduate studies at the British Institute of Marketing. He was a graduate student of Panteion University and the Pedagogical Academy. He is the founder of the Educational Enterprises Interlingua SA Centers for Foreign Language Learning and IT, for Job Training and for Book Publishing and they had been in business for thirty years. He developed them through the Franchise system, to one hundred units both in Greece and Cyprus, where there were about a thousand employees. One hundred thousand young people attended his educational centers. He contributed to the creation of over eight hundred Managers, helping many to become successful entrepreneurs. For the last 11 years he has been running his own company of Business Consultants which is called Business of Success SA and offers services to companies in different sectors.